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Depending on the age of your child, you may have to take things slower. However, they are never too young to learn the values of teamwork!  

Doing chores that require teamwork can be a great bonding activity for you and your child. Plus, you can get some things done around the house too.

Ages 2-6 can confidently help with these tasks:

Vacuuming. Guide the vacuum and point out places around the room. Little kids can use the tube to suck up crumbs stuck along the baseboard of the room or the dirt underneath couch cushions.

kid washing dishes in Raleigh NC

Washing dishes. For older kids, drying dishes is a great way to help out. Kids of a young age can squeeze soap into the sink or place the soap pod in the dishwasher dispenser. 2 year olds and 6 year olds alike enjoy pressing buttons! Point out the start button and let them click it.

Putting dishes away. Kids can sort silverware with a little guidance and a step stool! You can also organize your kitchen to have adult dishes up higher in cupboards and plastic kid dishes in a lower drawer. Depending on their age, either point out where the dishes go or divide up the task- you take the adult dishes and the breakables, and they can do the plastic supplies.

Cooking. While cooking may not necessarily be a chore, it is still a task around the house that requires pitching in! Pick ingredients that your child can dump into a recipe. If your recipe will be heating on the stove, let your child add ingredients while the pot is cold, then put the pot on the stove and heat it up. Or pick recipes that are made cold. A child can stir together fruit salad with help or supervision, or sprinkle cheese onto a plate of pasta, and so on. 

child adding spice to a meal and cooking in Raleigh NC

Laundry. Under close supervision, watch or assist your child in dumping in detergent or throwing in tide pods. Help them wash their hands after to teach cleaning supplies safety. Once the clothes are finished washing, you can pass wet clothes a few at a time to your child to put in the dryer. 

One feature they may get especially excited about is the buttons! Kids love to push buttons and turn gears- laundry is a great chance to do so! Explain/point out which settings and buttons you need to use or if they’re very young, let them click the start button at the end instead.

baby holding watering can in Raleigh NC

Watering plants. Take the to-do tasks outside! Purchase a small size watering can for your child and invite them tag along as you water with the bigger can, or help them lift the bigger one. If you tend to use a watering hose instead of a can, you both can drag it along and water the plants together. 

The idea is to think of the simple and safe tasks you do and invite your child to do them instead. It may take a little bit of time, but it will help them feel included and teach them too. 

You could use these chores as an opportunity to spend time with your child, or get the whole family involved and create a sibling bonding experience!