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Dust- it’s everywhere. It collects in our carpets and upholstery, on our shelves, and well, everywhere else. So, why don’t we know more about it? Most people know that dust is made up of dead skin cells, hair, dirt and maybe pet dander. But, did you know that dust also contains bacteria, pollen, dust mites and other insects? Dust can even house chemicals, that are tracked in on shoes and pets, sprayed while cleaning and anything else that may be airborne.    

 dust mite  Bee on Flower with pollen  cats laying on a couch 

We spend a lot of time in our homes and every time we walk on our carpets, dust is kicked up into the air. Where it can be inhaled by you, your kids and your pets. We also let our kids spend a lot of time on the carpet, especially our babies. However, you don’t have to run and pick your children off the floor or rip up your carpets. There are a few things you can do to cut down on dust! Vacuuming your home weekly with a decent filter and getting your carpets deep cleaned, 2 to 3 time yearly, to remove dirt, dust and bacteria trapped at the base.

A& B Chem-Dry uses the power of carbonation to clean your carpets instead of copious amounts of water and harsh soaps or chemicals like traditional steam cleaning. Our process uses a fraction of the water and has a much faster dry time! Instead of one to two days, you will be back on your carpets in a few hours! 

 Keeping your carpets clean is not purely for aesthetics but for your health as well. Call A & B Chem-Dry to help alleviate your allergy symptoms in the home and protect yourself and your family.