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34 activities to keep your kids entertained inside during winter

Featured Image Winter can be a trying time because even though the weather changes, your kids are just as busy as they were the season before!...


Raleigh NC residents, we want to say thank you.

Featured Image We have been reading the reviews you have left us and we are so thankful for the kind words you have to say regarding our business....


Meet Bo and Arrow- Find out what a new puppy owner needs!

Featured Image Sometimes, while exploring they forget where the bathroom is. Just last week Bo left a big mess on our couch. (Dog urine in furniture and carpet is the last thing we want)....


Our #1 Carpet Cleaning Secret Revealed in Raleigh NC

Featured Image Our #1 Carpet Cleaning Secret Revealed in Raleigh NC...


How to get kids to help out with chores (and bond together in the process!)

Featured Image Doing chores that require teamwork can be a great bonding activity for you and your child. Plus, you can get some things done around the house too!...


3 Reasons Your Cat Isn't Using The Litter Box

Featured Image The first thing to do if your cat begins urinating outside the litter box is to make sure the litter is being cleaned daily, if not twice. If your cat continues to go outside the box, it's time to visit the vet....


4 Tips to Keep Your Upholstery Looking New!

Featured Image A & B Chem-Dry is here to provide you with superior upholstery cleaning services. We can spot clean your upholstery and remove the toughest stains, like wine, ink, nail polish and more! Our cleaning process use the power of carbonation and less water to clean your upholstery deeper and more effectively....


Do You Know Dust? 

Featured Image Dust, it’s everywhere. It collects in our carpets and upholstery, on our shelves, and well, everywhere else. So, why don’t we know more about it?...