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If you're looking for one of the best carpet cleaning Raleigh NC has to offer,  give us a call! Whether you have a pesky stain you can't get rid of or traffic area patterns, our carpet cleaning services will take care of the problems!  Carpet cleaning in Raleigh is not only important to help your home look and feel clean, but carpets also carry an abundance of allergens, bacteria and dust mites in their fibers.  Excessive dust mites, allergens and bacteria are linked to many breathing problems such as asthma so not only are dirty carpets unpleasant to the eyes, they could be the source of your allergies and other health problems.  Carpet cleaning in Raleigh, NC doesn't seem like  a luxury when you look at it that way!

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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Raleigh NC:  A & B Chem-Dry

The carpet cleaning service A&B Chem-Dry offers in Raleigh is proven to remove 98% of allergens and bacteria in your carpet.  Trust your Raleigh carpet cleaning to A&B Chem-Dry, we're confident our process will better your home by making your carpets cleaner and healthier below the surface.  That means not only will they look clean, but they will be healthier and cleaner below the surface.  In today's world full of toxins and chemical cleans, A&B Chem-Dry provides a thorough and green carpet cleaning in Raleigh to keep your kids, pets, and family members safe while achieving a great carpet cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning Raleigh: A Drier Clean

Most carpet cleaning services Raleigh NC has to offer will dump gallons of water into your carpets leaving them soggy for days. Our carpet cleaning services in Raleigh uses 80% less water which means your carpets will dry in 1-2 hours unlike most competitors that require 1-2 days.  The longer your carpets sit damp it increases the possibility for mold and mildew to grow down at the base of the carpet.  This long dry time could harm the indoor air quality of your home.  A more convenient, safe clean while still providing one of the best carpet cleaning Raleigh has to offer is what we stand for.  We know that when carpet cleaning comes to mind you want peace of mind from the moment we come into your home until we leave.  The use of less water in our professional carpet cleaning services means we care about the environment locally we use less water, and no harsh chemicals.  That is our goal because we live here too.

Carpet Cleaning Raleigh: A deeper clean

We  have our proprietary Power of Carbonation technique to provide your home with a cleaner carpet.  A & B Chem-Dry gets your carpets cleaner with healthier carpet cleaning products, by using less water, and at only a fraction of the cost.  Our approach provides, not only a quicker drying time, they also provide you with a deeper clean.  Regular carpet cleaning in Raleigh aids in extending the life of your carpet, keeping it looking beautiful longer.  We treat your carpet like our own, meaning we want it to last you for many more years.  The carbonated cleaning products are not harsh when used on your carpets, so you get a deeper clean,as well as, a healthier clean.  

To give you a better understanding of what goes on in our carpet cleaning process, imagine millions of tiny effervescent bubbles penetrating deep down into the fibers of your carpet, then with The PowerHead® technology, agitation is then used to activate the carbonated bubbles which "explode" the dirt, dust and allergens to the surface to then be vacuumed up and removed from your home.  A more effective and time saving carpet cleaning is found by using the Chem-Dry cleaning products and techniques.  These can all be found at A & B Chem-Dry. 

The Benefits of Carbonated Carpet Cleaning in Raleigh

  • Completely safe and non-toxic
  • Dries in 1-2 hours, not the 1-2 days that many other carpet cleaners in Raleigh, NC requirecarpet cleaning raleigh, nc | cleaning benefits
  • Utilizes carbonation to penetrate deep into your carpets
  • Uses 80% less water than other carpet cleaners in Raleigh, NC
  • Utilizes a hot water extraction system

Donna G said this about her experience with Chem-Dry in Raleigh, "I have used this company for carpet cleaning for over 10 years. They always get my carpet clean and their employees are friendly and accommodating. I always feel comfortable with them in my home and they take great care not to damage my furniture which I appreciate. They are do a terrific job with stubborn spot removal. I highly recommend A & B Chem-Dry." (YELP)

Lida F also said, "On time, professional carpet cleaners. Very detailed in getting spots out. I would HIGHLY recommend" (YELP)

 Timothy M posted, "You can use these folks with confidence! They arrive on time, are professional and courteous along with doing a great job and a fair price. I have used them several times and not once have I been anything but perfectly satisfied with the complete package of customer care and service." (GOOGLE +)

Carpet Cleaning Raleigh: Post Clean Carpet Protectant

Now that the carpets in your home, RV, and business are cleaned and looking fresh we want to prolong that look by adding one of our carpet protectants.  By opting to use a carpet protectant, we are able keep your carpets protected in between cleanings while helping to keep out those pesky stains from wrecking havoc on your carpets after recently being cleaned.  It is a process that can be put applied with the HCE process to cover each individual carpet fiber and provides a shield that gives you more time to clean up the stain before it adheres to the carpet.  Here is a list of post carpet cleaning protectants:

  • PowerGuard Protectant®
  • Repel Protectant
  • Wool Protectant



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